Brands Hatch Indy

3rd/4th March 2012
RLR Motorsports Formula 600

Race 1 - 8th, Race 2 - 9th, Race 3 DNF

Championship Position - 9th

The first race of the season at Brands Hatch, what a weekend it turned out to be!

The weekend kicked off with a Friday test day, in which we made some fairly hefty geometry changes to the bike. These changes were brilliant, and made a massive improvement to the handling and feel. It was a dull foggy affair all day but the track was dry and we made excellent use of the testing time.

Saturday morning was exceedingly foggy once more, and overnight it had wetted the surface of the track. I was third session out of the day for qualifying, and by the time we went out the track had still not dried. So out on the wets we went, and for the first half of qualifying it was definitely the tyre to be on. Those who were able to changed their tyres half way through then posted much faster times right at the end of the session as it dried up, but even so, I secured a 6th place.

We had a bit of a downpour between qualifying and the race, which wetted the track once again, and by the time we went out for Race 1 a drying line was beginning to appear. I had chosen a wet front and dry rear, which worked well, but the dry line was very narrow which made exiting corners and getting the power down tricky. After all, though, I brought it home a very respectable 8th, finally breaking into the Top 10 as I had been so keen to do!

Sunday's forecast was pretty awful, and we awoke to very heavy rain. Race 2 was a treacherous race with many fallers but I kept it on the island to bring back a 9th place - another Top 10!

By the time we got to Race 3 the rain had really started to fall very very heavily. The race was always going to be a case of whoever was upright would get a good result. I got a reasonable start and made a few places over the first few laps. I got into a comfortable rhythm, and was doing well avoiding the fallers that we at what seemed to be every single corner. I knew I just had to keep it on the black stuff and was confident that I was able to do that, but then, suddenly found myself sliding along without the bike. I had gone into Graham Hill bend just fine, but not made it out. As I helped the marshals haul the bike out of the mud I realised it had actually started sleeting. I, and one of the other fallers from this corner, hid in the marshals hut to try and warm up, and then another faller at the same corner caused the final red flag. There were only 5 Formula 600 finishers to the race - it was just a shame I wasn't one of them!

Still, 2 top 10 finishes for the weekend and a brilliant qualifying; the results gained put me in 9th place in the RLR Motorsports Formula 600 after the first 3 rounds which is a very promising start to the season.

The Sunday races were all televised, so as soon as I have broadcast dates for MotorsTV I will let you all know!

Posted on March 5, 2012 and filed under Race Reports 2012.