Highest finish of 2013 at Anglesey!

Race 1 - 7th
Race 2 - 5th
Race 3 - 7th

Championship Position - 6th

The weather at Anglesey is always a bit of a lottery, and this year was no exception, but the track was dry for all the weekend's racing.

Saturday was a full test day, by the 2nd session the lap times were tumbling, and by the end of the day I was very happy with the setup and all ready for qualifying.

Sunday morning qualifying went well, although I didn't manage to pull off quite the lap time I had hoped for.   The sun was out though and Race 1 was up next.

I got a bit over ambitious on the start and ended up with a massive wheelie, but managed to keep it all together and made a pretty good start.  I held in with the main pack but a crash further up the field created a bit of a mobile chicane for the rest of us and unfortunately I and a few more took the wrong choice and went the difficult way around the stricken riders.  However, we hadn't lost too much and I got my head down.  I took a few places back almost immediately, and then over the next laps took a couple more.  I managed to hold those behind me and brought it back in 21st in the field, and 7th in class.

Monday morning was not as sunny as we had hoped, and Anglesey had thrown out the weather oddities as usual; this time in the form of some pretty nasty sea fog.   I had made some gearing changes that I had hoped to try out in warm up, but the fog came down during my session and it wasn't really possible to push hard as I couldn't really see for a good chunk of the lap.  Proceedings were stopped just after my session, while they waited for the fog to lift.  Eventually, it all got going again and after a couple more hold ups it was time for Race 2.


With less than a minute to go, however, we were told to stand down.  The fog had come down once again, and so they decided to have an early lunch break and wait for it to clear.  30 minutes turned into an hour though, and still no change was apparent.  10 minutes later though, and the organisers clearly saw a gap in the murk and we were called out on track.  

Keen not to repeat the spectacular wheelie of Race 1's start, I was a little bit too careful and so didn't get the best start.  However, I made up places and this time managed to avoid all the first lap incidents.  I was in the pack and when it all settled down I made a move on the rider ahead.  I made the pass down the back straight, but outbraked myself into the next corner.  I had a enough gap to keep the place I had just made, but lost touch with the group I was with.  Now on my own and setting my own pace, I found that the gearing changes had had the desired effect of raising the speed down the straights, but that meant all my braking points were wrong, something I had hoped to sort out in warm up, but due to fog was now having to deal with in the race!!  Although pretty scruffy and certainly not my finest riding, I did keep position and came home in the highest finishing position of the year so far, 5th Formula 600!

Race 3 came around next and after a better start I again made some early places and settled in just off the back of the next pack.  I kept in touch all through the race but couldn't quite reel them in.  It was a pretty quiet race once it had all shaken out and I kept it all in place to finish 7th in class, the 3rd points finish of the weekend.

It was a very positive weekend all round, with 3 points finishes and highest finish of the season so far.  The lap times were closest all year to the championship leader, and fighting on track with the next group of riders in the championship it was a great weekend all round.  Next up is Mallory Park and I can't wait to get back out on circuit.

The Anglesey races will be broadcast on MotorsTV at 9pm on Thursday 5th September.



Posted on September 1, 2013 and filed under Race Reports 2013.