We feel it is time to make motorsport more accessible!  We want to make it easy for you to get involved right at the heart of motorsport, and get your brand, logo or just your own name seen out there on the track at a British Superbike meeting, whilst helping and supporting Matt Pearce Racing.

Race Supporter

Display your brand or logo on the track! We will place a sticker on the bike for a specific track session.  The sticker can be your business' brand or logo, or simply your name if you would rather.  The logo would be visible to spectators during the on-track session and to all the spectators who venture round the paddock.  After the day's racing we will provide you with a photograph of the bike with your sticker on show!   You would be very welcome to attend the meeting and see the bike and the racing for yourself.  We'll even make you a cuppa.

Race Supporter - One Track Session (Free Practice) -  £67
Race Supporter - One Track Session (Qualifying) -   £85
Race Supporter - One Race - £99

Race Spectator

As a next step up, you would get all the features of the Race Supporter package plus 2 tickets included for entry to the race meeting (for the day specified).  Cuppa still included, we may even provide a biscuit.

Race Spectator - One Track Session (Free Practice) -  £99
Race Supporter - One Track Session (Qualifying) -   £125
Race Supporter - One Race - £140

Please confirm in your contact form which meeting you would prefer to purchase for, and how many days with dates.  

View the calendar to see where and when I am racing this year.


Cancellations made earlier than 14 days before the event will be refunded.  Cancellations after this time will incur a 25% charge. If we do not attend the meeting for any reason a full refund will be given. Once the bike has joined the track for the first session of the race meeting no refunds will be given even if we do not continue to compete for any reason.  We will endeavour to provide a photograph of your logo visible on the bike whilst on-track.  If this is not possible a photograph of the bike static will be used.  If we are unable to get any photographs for any reason will we refund £10.  Stickers will normally be vinyl cut max approx size 130mm x 90mm and in one colour chosen by me in keeping with the bike colour scheme.